miércoles, 19 de agosto de 2009

About me!

Hello Everybody. Welcome to NiceZone, The funnest blog.
NiceZone is a place where you can think, look at music, read articles and others.
I´m Alberto Mario and I´m its owner, I´m sixteen years. I live in Soledad and I belong ExCeLsIoR, the graduating class of the Salesian School. Ilike listen to rock and pop music, but sometimes I listen to classic and vallenato music too. I like talk with my friends, read, go to walk. I think to study mining or environmental engineering. I´d love study out of country but it isn't easy and the economic situation isnot so good although I'm trying it as far as possible. I study English because it is very important for me; in the future I plan travel so much and set my own business up. I hope so things from world and the world hopes so things from me.

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