jueves, 24 de abril de 2014

This morning, Bey uploaded a new musical video from her fifth studio album, Beyoncé. The R&B queen invites her fans to use the hashtag  #WhatisPretty with a photo or video that show what that word means to you. Enjoy & join!

martes, 22 de abril de 2014

A new member has arrived

I'm talking about my new pet, Sussi.  It's a female mongrel poodle that since she arrived home, hasn't stopped playing and teaching me something new everyday. At her arrival, my brother looked after her but now that I can do it, I'm assuming it as a challenge. It's pretty cool that a little creature's life depends of you. I've leanrt to be more responsible, committed and obviously dog stuffs. 

               SOME TIPS                  

At the moment that you decide to have pets, it's important you have free time for them, mainly if it's about a playful doggie like Sussi and if you live in a big city, besides:
  • Assign stuffs for sole using of them: drink/eat plates, towels, toys.
  • Be careful with ticks who can cause them anemia.