sábado, 29 de marzo de 2014


Spring's come and although Colombia doesn't have seasons, people use to wear colorful, fresh and relax clothes. So I bring you the perfect complement for your spring outfits. These Zara shoes are made of leather what it's ideal for this hot period of the year beacuse leather allows feet perspire (this's relevant if you don't wear socks). Nobody wants to get smelly feets (LOL!).

How to match them?
I suggest you to wear them with tight jeans and a cool stamped t-shirt or a denim shirt. 


Hello everyone! This is my first surprise for you: my Blog's renovation. The new NiceZone will be really a different blog. I'll post entrances periodically because I think I'm living an important moment of my life. They are many things I've lived since the last time I posted here, so I'm very anxious to share them to you. As you can notice, the blog will go on being written in English in order to improve my writing skills. I'll post new sections about my likings for fashion, oil & gas industry, cities, architecture, lifestyle and technology. Your opinions, suggestions and comments are welcome; and finally I hope you enjoy this space. LET'S START!